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Frequently asked questions

    MARLO membership levels for eye care practices offer access to features that will help you stay better connected with your patients. With MARLO Pro you will have the ability to brand MARLO and its communications with YOUR practice name and branding. This customized practice branding puts your name and logo front and center for your patients, making the power of MARLO uniquely yours. Patients of a practice using MARLO Pro will soon have the ability to add on select Alcon eye care products with their contact lens orders. Patients will love the convenience of this while you will enjoy knowing more of their eye care needs are being fulfilled by your practice.

    Of course! Customers who choose to upgrade their membership level will be upgraded immediately. Customers choosing to downgrade will continue to have access to their previous level until the next billing-cycle. At that time, access will move to the downgraded level and price.

    When a patient places an order out of office, payment will be processed via our third-party payment processor, Stripe, and deposited in the bank account of your choice.

    Currently, MARLO requires that you provide a bank account to receive deposits from Stripe, our third-party payment processor. If you choose to select a paid membership level of MARLO, you will be asked to supply a credit card for billing purposes. This is separate from the bank account information for Stripe deposits.

    MARLO accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover cards. Additionally, we accept bank debits and bank transfers. MARLO also offers a $50 discount for choosing to prepay your MARLO Pro membership annually as well as a 90-day free trial.

    Yes, of course. We take data protection very seriously. Any information collected by MARLO is used to enhance the overall eye care experience.

    We use patient supplied data, only after patients have consented, to fulfill their eye care product orders. We also provide helpful communications such as annual exam and reorder reminders. We may also use merged / aggregate data for overall trends, but with no specificity.

    MARLO is an independent platform powered by Alcon to better connect eye care providers with their patients.